About us

Eli y Fran Replantea

We are Eli and Fran, at 35 and 36 years old, we have been together longer than we have been apart, we share not only the passion for our two children, but also the creation and implementation of new projects.

Adding experiences abroad

We started our entrepreneurial stage abroad, specifically in Austria, where we started a Spanish food restaurant offering the best of our gastronomy, and where after a while we began to bet on select, quality products.

With the arrival of our children, there was a need to reconnect with our homeland and a feeling of closeness to the family. But what we had learned and experienced we carried with us, and we wanted to pass it on to our loved ones and to others.

What is Replantea?

This is where Replantea comes in, a brand inspired by improving the quality of life of present generations and the future of new ones. Replantea welcomes everyone who wants quality products, using simple, natural and unique health and hygiene rituals.

Replantea is a project that brings together products as healthy and pleasurable as tea and infusions and products as essential as personal hygiene. We understand the feeling of nature, wellbeing, health and tranquillity not as a trend but as a way of life.

Replantea, as a philosophy, understands that our planet provides a huge variety of incredible natural ingredients through nutritious plants, flowers and herbs that can keep us healthy, clean and smelling delicious.

At Replantea, we combine bulk tea and personal hygiene without residues, to be transparent, authentic and 100% natural with you.

It would have been impossible to carry out this project without the help and support of family and friends and, of course, the artist Antonio Martín Sevilla (Willy), to whom we are enormously grateful as he has used all his talent to create the illustrations of our products, filling them with life and colour..

Eli and Fran

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